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Krishnamurti Foundations

The role of the Foundations was described by Krishnamurti himself when he said,

"The Foundations will see to it that these teachings are kept whole, are not distorted, are not made corrupt. They will not give rise to any sectarian spirit in their activities... nor create any kind of place of worship around the teachings or the person."

The Foundations are not religious organisations nor do they have any spiritual authority but they provide a service to those who may be interested in pursuing an understanding of the teachings in their own lives.

The Foundations maintain an extensive archive of Krishnamurti's original works in the form of hand-written material, books, transcripts and audio and video tapes of hundreds of talks and discussions, meetings and conversations. There is also a collection of Krishnamurti's letters, photographs and reference material about him, his life, and his works. All this requires special techniques of preservation and the care of trained archivists.

The Foundations are also actively engaged in the publication of this material in various forms. Over 60 books are in print and more are in preparation. About 300 videotapes and 400 audio cassettes are currently available, along with an extensive printed Index. etc. An increasing amount of this material is being translated. Over 30 languages are available including all major European and most Indian languages as well as Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Korean and Hebrew.

The official Krishnamurti Foundations are:

  • Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Brockwood Park, Bramdean, England

  • Brockwood Park
  • Bramdean, Hampshire SO24 0LQ, England
  • Tel: +44 (0) 1962 771525 Fax: +44 (0) 1962 771159
  • Email: info@kfoundation.org Web: www.kfoundation.org
  • Krishnamurti Foundation of America, Ojai, California, USA

  • P.O.Box 1560, Ojai, CA 93024, USA
  • Tel: 805-646-2726 Fax: 805-646-6674
  • Email: kfa@kfa.org Web: www.kfa.org
  • Krishnamurti Foundation of India, Chennai, India

  • Vasanta Vihar, 124 Greenways Road, Madras 600 028
  • Tel: (91)(44) 24937803/24937596 Fax: (91)(44) 24952328
  • Email: publications@kfionline.org Web: www.kfionline.org
  • Fundación Krishnamurti Latinoamericana, Barcelona, Spain

  • Tel: (34) 938 695 042
  • E-mail: fkl@fkla.org Web: www.fkla.org