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Exploration into Insight (Ocurrences: 30)
P: Please listen, sir, when I say there is just observing, then the form is part of the whole observing field. I am observing, not only you, I am observing.
Talks in Europe 1967 (Ocurrences: 28)
You see wholly when the problem is sufficiently urgent, not only urgent for yourself but also for the world. There is war outwardly and war inwardly within each one of us...
Talks and Dialogues Sydney 1970 (Ocurrences: 28)
Krishnamurti: When you are observing, when you are giving attention to the thing you are observing, is there a duality? You don't do these things, you are just playing with...
Tradition and Revolution (Ocurrences: 21)
Now what happens? In observing the whole movement of thought, in observing the content of consciousness, the essence comes out of it. And in observing the movement of the...
Questions and Answers (Ocurrences: 21)
When one is observing, is one aware that one is observing; or only aware of the thing being observed? Does the awareness lead to analysis? What do we mean by observing? There...
Talks and Dialogues Saanen 1967 (Ocurrences: 20)
To live with fear, which is alive, requires a mind and a heart that are extraordinarily subtle, that have no conclusion, no formula and therefore can follow every movement...
OJ78D1 (Ocurrences: 16)
K: Yes, sir. We said from the beginning, sir, that the observer, when you observe your wife or your girlfriend, the observer is made up of the past, past memories, past hurts...
Apr 04th 1978
Way of Intelligence, The (Ocurrences: 16)
P.J.: Out of that observing, action rises; analysis arises; wisdom comes. Is that observing? Unfortunately, we observe and then enter into the other sphere of non -observing...
On Conflict (Ocurrences: 15)
As we were saying also, this is not a lecture. Lecture being, talking about a particular subject in view of giving further information about that subject. In that sense this...
May 02nd 1982
Authentic Report of the Talks in Saanen Switzerland 1974 (Ocurrences: 15)
Now, can the mind, your mind observe, see, this disorder? One is in disorder, one sees that the exercise of will, the following of another, having desire to overcome it,...
(Ocurrences: 13)
Questioner: A scientific mind is not only capable of observing but it needs a hypothesis.
Flame of Attention, The (Ocurrences: 12)
It should be understood that we are not trying to convince you of anything. We are not making any kind of propaganda; nor putting forward new ideas or some exotic theory...
Education (Ocurrences: 12)
Now you say to me, observe that bundle. Yes, I say, I'm observing it. Which is, I am observing it as though it were something separate from me, because that's what I've been...
Sep 14th 1979
Talks by Krishnamurti in India 1963 (Verbatim Report) New Delhi, Varanasi (Ocurrences: 12)
So learning is an astonishing thing. You cannot learn from a teacher. You can only learn from observing - observing what another says, observing to see whether there is truth...
Nov 24th 1963
Fire in the Mind (Ocurrences: 11)
PJ: That the observing is not the observing of my petty sorrow, but the observing of the sorrow of mankind.
Dec 18th 1982
Talks and Dialogues Saanen 1968 (Ocurrences: 11)
Questioner: A scientific mind is not only capable of observing but it needs a hypothesis.
On Conflict (Ocurrences: 10)
That is, when you look at another - wife, husband, girl-friend, boy and so on - are you different from the thing you observe, from the person you observe? Maybe a man or...
Aug 31st 1974
Mind Without Measure (Ocurrences: 10)
What is observation? Now, when you observe the full moon, do you observe it, do you see the beauty of that light, see the extraordinary quality of that light, or do you say...
Education (Ocurrences: 10)
S: No observing.
Sep 16th 1978
MA70-71D2 (Ocurrences: 10)
K: No, please, sir, do. So have I habits? Find out, sir. Have you habits, which are conclusions, which are prejudices, which are a series of ideas? And these habits prevent...
Jan 15th 1971