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La transformación del hombre 2

El vivir mecánico conduce al desorden
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Part 1 of 1 - Full Version


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K: Is there really psychological security at all?

B: I don't think we discussed that fully last time.

K: Of course. Nobody accepts that. But we are enquiring into it, going into the problem of it.

Dr Shainberg: But we said something even deeper I think yesterday. And that is that - at least as I was summarising for myself - and that is that we felt - correct me if you think I am wrong here - that conditioning sets the stage, first the importance of psychological security, and that in turn creates insecurity. And it is the conditioning that creates the psychological security as a focus? Would you agree with that?

K: I think that we two mean something different.

S: What do you mean?

K: First of all, sir, we take it for granted that there is psychological security.

S: OK. Well, we think that we can get it.

K: We feel that there is.

S: Right. That's right.

B: Yes, I think that if you told somebody who was feeling very disturbed mentally that there is no psychological security he would just feel worse.

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