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El reto del cambio

La película biográfica de J. Krishnamurti

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The Challenge of Change is the compelling story of a great religious teacher of the 20th century, from his childhood discovery in 1909 to his lifelong talks with large audiences in most parts of the world until his death in 1986.

Through the Theosophical Society of which she was the President, Annie Besant, who had adopted him and his brother, proclaimed Krishnamurti to be the World Teacher who had been historically foretold and expected by the Society. Krishnamurti rejected any special status when he dissolved the Order of the Star that had been set up around him, declaring that “Truth is a Pathless Land”, and denying that there could be any authority in religious matters. This remarkable story, told through archival film and photographs, is a valuable introduction to Krishnamurti’s life and teaching. There are excerpts from his many talks, as well as an interview made for the film. He spoke not as a guru, saviour or master but as one who called for the awakening of intelligence in all human beings.

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