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Washington Talks

2nd Public Talk in Washington, DC, 1985

Full Version, 2 of 2


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So love is not hate: that's obvious. Love is not vanity, arrogance. Love is not in the hands of power. The people who are in power, wanting power, it doesn't matter if it's over a small child or wanting power over a whole group of people or a nation, that surely is not love. Love is not pleasure, love is not desire. I don't know if you have time to go into the question of desire. Perhaps we may. Love is certainly not thought. So can you put aside all that: your vanity, the sense of power - however small, however little it is, it's like a worm. And the more power you have, the more ugly - and therefore in that there is no love. When one is ambitious, aggressive, on which you are all brought up: to be aggressive, to be successful, to be famous, to be known, which is all so utterly childish - from the speaker's point of view! (laughter) How can there be love?

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Washington Talks1st Public Talk in Washington, DC, 19851:32

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