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Washington Talks

1st Public Talk in Washington, DC, 1985

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Mankind has lived on this earth perhaps for a million or 50,000 years. We have lived on this earth for many, many millennia. And during those periods of long time mankind has suffered pleasure, loneliness, despair, uncertainty, confusion, multiple choices, therefore multiple complexities; and there have been wars. Not only physical, bloody wars but also psychological wars. And mankind has asked if there can be peace on earth - pacem in terris - the Latin of peace on earth. And apparently this has not been possible. There are about 40 wars going on at the present time both ideological, theoretical, economic, social. And during the historical times, perhaps about 5,000 to 6,000 years, there have been wars practically every year. And also we are preparing for wars now. One ideology, that of the Communists, the tyrannical, the brutal world of Russia, and the democratic, so-called democratic world of the West. Two ideologies at war. What kind of implements we should use, control of armament and all the rest of it. War seems to be the common lot of mankind. And also one observes all over the world piling up of armaments; from the tiny little nation or tribe to the highly sophisticated, affluent society like yours. And how can we have peace on earth? Is that at all possible?

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Washington Talks2nd Public Talk in Washington, DC, 19851:23

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